First Steps to YouTube Marketing


 Do NOT Try and Take Shortcuts! 

We want you to succeed… and you will if you follow through with all our special training…


The following steps are very important pieces of your youtube marketing business so please complete them very carefully. The first step is going to be to set up your YouTube Channel which is the most important step and below are some videos that have been made by one of our partners… Please Excuse the quality in some cases


A second important piece of the puzzle for your business is knowing how to create videos, optimize them find out about writing descriptions keywords and how important video marketing is for your business. Further videos will give you some tips on Youtube and also for advertising all important things you must know to maximize video marketing.


Setting up your videos to make money for your internet business is the next piece of the puzzle, and once you have done this then you are ready to actively marketing. The following page will cover keyword research, niche marketing adding affiliate links a video creation outsourcing.

Finally we will cover advertising on the actual videos. If you combine all these factors you will agree that video marketing is massively profitable and the only internet business you need to earn an ongoing passive income. Let’s begin with the next series of videos and please watch them all. You can always come back to refer to these videos later.

Creating a YouTube Channel

 Create Your YouTube Channel Guide Video

How to Customize Your Youtube Channel

Preparing Your YouTube Channel for Videos

 Off Site YouTube Resources

Posting Your First YouTube Video Onto Your Channel

YouTube Traffic and Subscribers

Understanding YouTube, Video Creation and More…

Please Watch all Videos Completely…

What is YouTube Marketing


YouTube and Business Marketing

 YouTube Marketing plans

 YouTube Impact on Business

How to Make YouTube videos

YouTube Video Creation 2

Creating a YouTube Channel

YouTube Tips

YouTube Videos and Keywords

Youtube Advertising