Email Marketing Set Up.


Getting Started…

Now that you have your funnels you are ready to upload them into your domain space. It is sensible to do this one at a time in order to avoid confusion. In your autoresponder you are going to have to set up the campaigns for each of your funnels and have the affiliate links or product links you want to promote ready as well. You will find easy to follow instructions on how to do this and it is vital to follow each one carefully. By the time you have set up a few funnels you will be comfortable in the process and become a master at it.


Email marketing is all about automation and that is why your autoresponder was one of the most important pieces of this puzzle. Emails can be sent out at the intervals you choose and even the times you prefer. All the campaigns you have can run completely automatically and at regular intervals you can send out email, blasts to your subscribers which will increase your sales.


Your email marketing internet business now comprises of a domain, an auto responder and your emails and now you need to put the entire package together. Once you have the whole business set up your next task will be driving traffic to your offer. Visitors will love your free giveaway and join your mailing list and once they have done so they will be taken to a thankyou page. Your thankyou page will be a space where you can offer additional products and services. This can be affiliate products or your own products. Most importantly you now have a subscriber and your auto responder will go to work.

Let’s Get Started

Set Up  Your Subscribe Form

Watch this short video  with screenshots to help you create your form code for your squeeze pages. Pause the video for each step if you prefer…


Set Up Your Campaigns

These simple instructions video instructions will show you how to set up campaigns in your Get Response Autoresponder…Pause the video for each step if you prefer…

Set Up Your Messages

These instructions will show you how to set up your emails which will be sent automatically…Pause the video for each step if you prefer…


Set Up Affiliate Marketing Links

Follow instructions on how to find affiliate links or promoting your own products…These 3 guides will teach you about ‘niches and affiliate marketing’ so that you know what it is all about and how to get links to products to promote in email marketing

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