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Now that you have a solid background from watching all the previous videos we are going to continue with important aspects of YouTube Video marketing. These include keyword research, calls to action, niche marketing video creation and even generating an income from ads on your videos. You may have seen this on many Youtube videos you have watched.

Some videos will once again go over important tips and guidelines about YouTube marketing and this is good because you will begin understanding what you learn and be able to implement the methods effectively


YouTube marketing is all about getting eyes on your videos and besides generating traffic to products and services you can simultaneously earn money from video advertising. You will also need to know how to edit and annotate videos so that visitors can go to the links you want. there is also a video in the first section going over common mistakes people make in video creation and marketing

automation and that is why your autoresponder was one of the most important pieces of this puzzle. Emails can be sent out at the intervals you choose and even the times you prefer. All the campaigns you have can run completely automatically and at regular intervals you can send out email, blasts to your subscribers which will increase your sales.


Your Video marketing internet business now comprises of a YouTube Channel  and now you need to put the entire video marketing pieces of the puzzle together. Once you have the whole YouTube and video channel  page set up your next task will be driving traffic to your Videos.  Visitors will  love your videos and subscribe to your channel and you can even start building a mailing list and while additionally earning revenue from advertising on your videos.

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